Electronic Whole House Air Purifiers

Do you have lousy asthma or allergies year-round, even inside your home? Is your home constantly dusty, even though you clean and dust frequently? These issues are more common than you think. The EPA estimates that the indoor air quality inside many homes can be much worse than outdoor air quality— sometimes as much as 100 times worse! If you’ve been trying to improve your indoor air quality, but nothing seems to be working, another solution is to try installing an indoor air cleaner.
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Benefits of Air Cleaners

    Electronic air cleaners and air purifiers pick up where ordinary dusting and cleaning leave off. Air cleaners and air purifiers can help improve your air quality by trapping particles, including dust, bacteria, and odors, as small as .3 microns in length— particles that you can’t see but that can significantly impact your allergy symptoms and asthma.


    What Is the Best Air Purifier for My Home?

      This is many people’s most common question when considering installing a new air cleaner or air purifier. This can be a challenging but very important choice for the uninitiated. It comes down to what you want removed from your air.

      Air Purifiers for Allergies, Dust & Mold

        Install a HEPA air purifier if your home is plagued with dust, mold, and allergens. HEPA air cleaners use highly advanced air filters that can pull particles as small as .3 microns in length out of your air—particles including dust mites, smoke, pollen, pet dander, etc. When combined with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, the HEPA air cleaner can effectively eliminate nearly all the pollutants in your home, significantly improving your indoor air quality and allowing you to breathe easier daily.
        HEPA air cleaners are extremely effective, and the filters can last long. Assuming you run the air cleaner eight hours a day, you should only have to change the filters once a year.

        Air Filters for Odors & Bacteria

          If you have odors such as cigarette smoke, bacteria, or viruses affecting your indoor air quality, you need an air cleaner known as an ozone-ionizer air cleaner. Ozone-ionizer air cleaners destroy the cell structure of odors and bacteria, neutralizing and trapping them and removing them from your air. If you have to deal with the odor of cigar or cigarette smoke in your home, an ozone-ionizer air cleaner is perfect.


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