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The HVAC experts at Total Home Comfort are thoroughly trained and experienced with heat pump systems. Whether you need installation, repair, or a tune-up, we are the Annapolis-area HVAC company to call for service. Contact us today.

Heat Pump Installation

    Are you seeking an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to central air, gas, or oil furnaces? How about a heating system that doesn’t have to burn fuel? If you live in the central Maryland area, we have the perfect HVAC system for you—an air source heat pump. Our climate is ideal for a heat pump—it’s never too hot in the summer or cold in the winter, meaning your heat pump will keep you comfortable all year.

    Benefits of New Heat Pumps

      Heat pumps are so efficient because they don’t burn fuel to run. Instead, they have a special kind of refrigerant that absorbs heat and delivers it to where it needs to go—either into your home from outside (during the winter) or out of your home from inside (during the summer).

      While it may seem strange that heat pumps can pull heat out of the cold air, remember that it IS still there—even if you can’t feel it. Heat pumps can provide heating even when outside temperatures are as low as 20 F, perfect for winters in central Maryland.

      If you happen to run into certain days where your heat pump doesn’t provide enough heat, don’t worry—they can be fitted with backup heaters to provide additional warmth on extra cold days. However, many homeowners who install heat pumps get all the heat they need and save hundreds of dollars yearly on heating costs.

      Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

        Is your heat pump producing cool or only lukewarm heat? Does it cycle on and off more frequently than you’d expect? Call Total Home Comfort! We provide heat pump repair services throughout the central Maryland area. We also offer heat pump inspection and maintenance during the spring and fall, so your heat pump is ready to provide all the heating or cooling you’ll need for the seasons ahead.

        Find a New Furnace with the Help of Total Home Comfort

          Installing an energy-efficient furnace can help you save money on your energy bill. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, Total Home Comfort can recommend the best furnace for your home. We offer same-day emergency service if needed and always use upfront pricing with no hidden fees. You’ll even have your satisfaction guaranteed— in writing!

          Whether you need furnace installation, replacement, or repair, we do it all! Contact us for furnace installation or replacement today.

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